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Passionate About Inspiring Others

After a stint of 10 years as a proprietor in her Delhi-based wiring harness manufacturing company, a life turning incident changed her perspective towards life wherein she decided to follow her passion. The passion was to guide, mentor, coach, train people on how to communicate to define success through verbal and non-verbal parameters of communication. 

Apart from consulting and training, she is also passionate about reading and travelling.

The mantra of living she follows and asks others to follow in their lives is to give life a meaning. Inspiration is ubiquitous however it has to find us working, and it is this mantra that has parked her in the space of success which has injected motivation and contentment to achieve all she desired to achieve.

Certifications and Experience
  • Certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI)

  • Certified in 'Train The Trainer' from Bodhih Training solutions, Bangalore

  • Headed the post of General Secretary IMPA, Gurgaon Chapter.

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